English speaking counselling psychotherapist MPF

I offer psychotherapeutic counselling and sessions to English speaking clients.

  • bereavement
  • relationship difficulties
  • eating disorders
  • depression
  • anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety

I understand and speak fluent English, as I grew up bilingual, learning both English and Danish when I was young and speaking both languages most of my life.

I have lived in England, so I am also familiar with English culture. I have a deep knowledge of living as an English speaking person in Denmark, not feeling very familiar with the Danish language or culture.

I have experience with English speaking clients, and I am very familiar with feelings and thoughts expressed in the English language.

It is vital for me in the therapeutic room to create an atmosphere where the client can feel safe and respected, as this is the basis for the client´s ability to develop and progress.

I offer therapy to individuals, couples and to families with children. Each session for individuals is 60 minutes. The price for one session is 500 Danish kroner.

A session for couples and families is 90 minutes and the price is 750 Danish kroner. You are most welcome to call me for an informal talk, to find out if you want to book an appointment.